Notable Podcast Appearances

The Superpower of Ignoring Social Approval [The Jordan Harbinger Show Ep. #9]

In this interview American radio personality Jordan Harbinger digs deep into Ed’s life as a boxer and how he came back from a national defeat. You’ll discover:

  • What Ed Latimore learned from growing up in one of the worst environments in America.
  • How Ed rebuilt his life from the ground up after one of his biggest defeats.
  • Why would someone who pulled Cs and Ds in high school math choose to double major in math and physics on a second try at college?

Ed Latimore: The Warrior Poet and the Secret to a Happy Life [The Knowledge Project Ep. #21]

In this interview Shane Parrish explores the physics of boxing, the value of a coach, and Ed’s real world wisdom. You’ll discover:

  • Why motivation is a terrible way to achieve great things (and what to do instead)
  • The unlikely way that Ed’s runaway best selling book came about
  • Ed’s brilliant philosophy on pain and suffering that will change the way you view hardships in your life

Not Caring What Other People Think is a Superpower [The Art of Manliness Ep #345]

In this interview Brett McKay gets into how Ed went from a kid from the projects to a professional boxer, chess player, and college graduate. You’ll discover:

  • His fascinating resume and interests in life
  • Why Ed decided to give up alcohol
  • Why millennial’s don’t have as much respect in their conversations online and in real life.
  • What it’s like to lose a contest on national TV, and how Ed Latimore gained perspective